Saturday, March 6, 2010

Down on the Farm

Remember I told ya'll about my crazy family, well, I was just talking to my Daughter and she says, "Wait a minute, Why is there a goat behind me?" Sure enough, Dinner, one of her male goats, crawled out from under a fence panel and got out. I hope the other male goats did not see him or they will learn this too. She will call me later and give me an update. Go see 'Down on the Farm' blog and you can read about her crazy farm.

The name Dinner came from the fact when he was very little and lived in the house with the family (too cold to be outside) they called him Dinner so no one would get attached to him.  I call him Dindin. Now they are going to use him for breeding and he is no longer dinner. He use to follow us around like a puppy while we did chores. We had to feed him from a bottle.

I have been too tired the last two days to get online. Now some of my friends understand that and some demand that I immediately answer my emails. Life is too short to spend it mad and out-of-sorts.

My Farmchicks meeting went great. We had a good time eating and sharing. We are going to make a quilt and raffel it off for charity. This way we are developing a new skill and helping at the same time. I believe in giving back and helping others, which is natural in some people and must be groomed into others.

Today I tried to make a Fatquarterbag. I say try because it didn't come out right. I followed the instructions and the lining turned out too big for the bag and is the outside now. Either the instructions were printed wrong (it happens) or I figured them completely wrong. Either way I do not know what to do with it. Maybe make a hat out of it.

No kidding. One time I cut out a hat and it came out very strange. It looked like maybe a halloween or an April-Fools hat. I turned it upside down and made a cute purse out of it and use it almost everyday now. It is a very sweet purse and a very ugly hat.

I discussed with a few female friends and family members about having a fashion show. No, not that kind. But you bring a few outfits and have all the gals critique them for you and give you good advice. Like, 'That makes your butt look huge', or 'I can not believe how slim that makes you look', etc. But to be kind about it, so that we can clean out our closets. Or. Meet at one ladies house and go through her closet and the castoffs could be gleaned out by the others. What do you think?


  1. You are too funny! I laughed through this whole post. LOL First of all about the goat named Dinner. too funny! We raised goats when I was growing up. Loved them. When I had kids of my own... 2 girls... my mom parents still raised animals and a "Kid" was born, I named him Fernando Marcos, the name my "son" if I had had one would have been called.
    Second, the fat quarter bag and others you have made. too funny... but at least you got creative with the results. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Kathy, I'll go check out your blog too. I want to start a radio show on I will let you know when it starts.