Friday, September 28, 2012

by Janet Paradee  9/28/12  

What kind of adornment around my neck do I bear?
Is it a millstone, an anvil, or a mustard seed that I choose to wear? Will the weight of my unforgiveness and prideful sin
entice the deepest ocean to engulf me and pull me in?

OR Can I truly have faith as big as the tiny mustard seed
and trust that God will surely meet my every need?
Am I in a hurry to always do things my way?
Do I stop, look, and listen before, during and after I pray?

Am I willing to be compassionate and kind?
Do I fend for me only, leaving everyone else behind?
OR do I have a clear conscience before God and man
knowing that for others, daily, I have helped wherever I can?

The choice, for me, is certainly very clear...
I choose to wear the mustard seed necklace without doubt or fear. It will be my constant reminder and a "refreshing fountain"
for with it I know and trust that God will move any mountain.

AND Since His forgiveness from that refreshing fountain freely does flow; 
I, too, must forgive others and His love always show.
SO What kind of adornment around your neck will you wear?
Will it be the tiny mustard seed or a large millstone that you bear?

Thank you ever so much. Your presence blesses us daily. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Contrary to popular belief
to keep on sinning brings no relief
from the guilt and shame I possess,
from the transgressions in my life I refuse to confess.

Reveal to me, O Lord I humbly now pray,
those iniquities I cling to that have led me astray.

Wind of God revive me with Your fresh air;
Breath of Life flow o'er me for I know You are there.
Why should I die? Can I avoid this certain death 
that would eternally separate me into the lowest depth?

Compromise, disobedience, even dishonesty had,
for a season, overshadowed me.
But, Holy God, I choose to repent of it all, 
and, now on Your name I sincerely call.

Wind of God revive me with Your fresh air;
Breath of Life flow o'er me
for I know You are there.

Empty me of all that to You has been an offense.
Display in me the works worthy of my repentance.
Refreshing Spirit, energize me with a new vibrant walk,
with a new way of thinking, a new way to talk.
I surrender to You Lord, for only in You can I find
this new heart, this new spirit, this brand new mind.

Wind of God revive me with Your fresh air; Breath of Life flow o'er me for I know You are there.

Janet Parradee

This is another poem from Janet. She writes at least one peom a day. We, her sisters, are trying to get her published. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The Separating Wall
Is there a separating wall that divides the intimacy between
The Creator of All and little ol' me?
Has sin crept in in the form of selfishness or pride?
To whom have I given the contorl of my life to guide?

How did this separating wall begin to take shape,
And from it now can I fully escape?
One brick at a time is all that it takes,
With mortar of willful sin the sun it will bake.

A brick of anger, one of lying or of greed
Is all it requires, that's all this wall needs.
Gossip, unkindness to others are bricks too
That can be piled on, it's easy enought to do!

This separating wall towers over me,
I fear; Can I climb it now, can it's height I clear?
I want to chip away at this separating wall no
Matter how deep, how wide, how tall.

So, incline Your ear, dear Lord, I pray;
Search my heart and know me today.
If there be any evil that separates You and me,
Show me today Lord, that's my desperate plea.

The bricks of unforgiveness and anger I see collapse
As I cling to You and Your promises I clasp.
Now, instead of a separating wall betweenYou and me
A frame, a hedge of protection under construction I see.

Bricks of love, honesty, obedience now surround me;
Lord, will You add bricks of confession, repentance, and humility?
Expose my sin, bury it deep under this frame...
This, my prayer Lord, I pray in Your Name.

This is the group I belong to of believers, Sisters Who Pray. They are pretty special to me.
We spend most of our time praying. If you have a prayer request make a comment below.
God Bless

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


As my Nanny would say,"Hotter than a pistol"! Which means it is pretty darned hot! 102 degrees as I write. The best thing you can do is lay down, put some ice on ya and forget it all. Cool drinks help too!

My arm is on the mend. I did some crafts yesterday. And yea my hand was all cramped up. I started on another book-book shelf, worked on some of my homemade beads, and deco-paged hymnal pages onto a end table. They all look great!

Nix the crochet for now. It takes too much wrist action. I am going to try my hand at para cord macrame bracelets. They are pretty popular. And Macrame is back in style. Who knew?

My puppy, Riri, is crashed out. It is too hot for him too. And this computer is pretty hot right now. I have been surfing and you know how it is, you loose track of time.

News Alert, I turn 61 on August 29th.

Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Last night while I was scooting around online I found a very interesting video on youtube. It was on how you use a lucet to make cording. It is a lyre shaped wooden lucet. I did not have one so I improvised today and made a workable one from a two pronged fork (for turning bacon or meat). It took me a while to get the hang of it. After about two tries I sort of have it sort of figured out. You can use these as ties, shoe laces or weave them together to make bracelets.

I made a small cord and then I beaded it. Not bad for a first time. I tried to download a picture, but it won't cooperate.

I also watched how to use a knook and a 2 ended 2 hooked crochet hook. I love discovering new things and then trying them. I have been experiementing with altered book art also.

I made a book shelf out of a book for my GGrandaughter's first birthday. It looks like a ferriswheel and I put tiny little cardboard books at the bottom. Not sure what glues to use, it warped when I used decopage medium. Then I painted it white because the book was so dark. Next one I make I am going to use a spray on fabric stiffener used in millinary. I then glued little things that girls like: a puppy, a tuffet, a picture of her in a cute little frame, buttons and bowes, ribbons and lace, rabbits etc.

You never know what I will be up to next. As soon as my right arm fully recovers from the break, watch out.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Here is a poem my Sunday School Sisters put together. I just kept coming up blank. You will enjoy this one too.

What Does It Take To See Through God's Eyes? August 9, 2012

(Janet) What does it take to see through God's eyes?
I must not hide behind a mask or disguise.
I must live in the Truth, not deceptive lies.
I must see the heart of others when I hear their cries.
I must love and forgive, not despise.
I must use time wisely, it too quickly flies.
I must serve others completely for I know not my last "goodbyes".
I must remember that to God I am no surprise!
I must live in the Light even under darkened skies.

(Nancy) What does it take to see through God's eyes,
I must not perch myself up on high, and simply let hurt people pass by.
God please give me the heart that tries.
And when my work on earth is nigh
I will lift up my arms to You on high
Your love surrounds me as I close my eyes
My weary soul to Jesus begins to fly.

(Sharon) My Eye Is Upon You
He waits for me to meditate and pray
He teaches me the way to go
But, sometimes I am guilty and look away.
He shows me the needs of people
He counsels me, He instructs me
But, I get busy and do I really see?
Or, do I use the excuse that I am human and have human eyes?
Lord, forgive me and help me to draw nearer.
Help me to be a faithful servant in your sight.

(Verna) As God looks down on man,
from the skies He sees all the evil, man can devise.
Yet, He hears, and forgives their heart cries.
Oh the great love that fills God's eyes!
Though I can't see as God can see,
He knows what lies in the depth of me
Yielded to His Power, He can foresee
He knows the truth of what I could be.

I am humbled.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The following is a poem by Janet Parradee a friend of mine. She has an amazing gift.
I pray you will enjoy it as much as I do.

A Broken Heart August 12, 2012

A broken heart tatters and shatters when it breaks.
Sometimes it seems more than just one person can take.
A childhood friend moves away; That last “Goodbye!” is so hard to say.
A teenager’s crush that very first date,
It’s not meant to be, but reality we don’t equate.
At twenty or thirty-something it’s marriage, home, work…
Too many failures hit and we don’t know where to look.
At midlife we should be all set, But closer to retirement is all we get!
Who can sustain us when brokenhearted is all we feel?
There’s One who knows, He’s the One that will heal.
No matter the brokenness, He knows our heart.
He’s always been willing to allow us a fresh start.
Turn crying and weeping into dancing and singing,
Because of forgiveness and love the Savior is bringing…
For every situation, the pain or the loss,
He took upon Himself as He hung on the cross.
Beauty for ashes He promises, dear child.
Take off the sackcloth, stay no longer beguiled.
The shattered pieces of your broken heart
Can be mended, made whole, put back into one part!     By Janet Parradee