Friday, March 18, 2011

Home again Home again.........

Back on the home front. I was at my daughter's home dog and house sitting for 7, yes seven, dogs. Of course I took my two, could not live without them. It was like having a room full of babies. When one barked they all did.

So, today I am getting ready for our yard sale here in our park. It is amazing how much junk one person can accumulate. Well, out it goes. I am sorry for those who say, the one who dies with the most toys wins. Not so. They can't love you back, or keep you from being lonely. You can't snuggle up to a yacht. Granted these things are fun. But at what price?

As Edgar Cayce said, "These are the things for the nature of man". What of the spirit or the mind? How fulfilled are you? How many people have you stepped on on the way up?

These are not just platitudes. They are the things of spirit. Of the wings of the Butterfly that flitters in the heart. When loneliness speaks, who answers? 

I have been to the afterlife and back. It is real. The Great Spirit is real. It is quite simple. Keep the good in mind and follow on.

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