Sunday, January 31, 2010

Angus the Cat!

Yesterday I tried to write up a new post and I got bumped out 3 times and finally gave up. Lets see if it takes today.
I finished another hat and one facination. I wore the hat to church. Next Sunday is Hat Sunday for the women of the congregation. I found a whole bunch of sites showing vintage hats. I am having so much fun with them. But do need more supplies. Feathers, buttons, flowers, ribbons those kind of things and hat netting for the veils.
Love my new Sunday School class. I have a lot in common with these women and we are a great support system for each other. This is what Christianity is about, love and caring.
I am still working on my next quilt, but I can hand sew for only so long. The hats are being sewn by hand also. 
I want to tell you about my cat, Angus. He is a big red cat (Scottish I am sure of it). He was an indoor cat for about 2 weeks but he kept excaping. He learned how to open the back door when it was locked. So then I used the dead bolts. I watched him lay on the floor and play with the bottom one until he opened it.
Once I solved that problem, he found another way in and out. There was a small hole around the water pipe under the bathroom sink. Well I plugged it up quickly. Finally after many schredded curtain and furniture I let him be a tomcat for good. I get a lot of exercise letting him in and out. I had planned to put a cat door for him out the back bedroom and had discussed it with my grandson. Angus watched us going over the ins and outs of it. He will now go over there and scratch at the wall where we had decided to put the cat door.
This cat is too smart for his own good. Sometimes he gets up on the roof and no one can figure how he gets up there as I have no trees by my house. But Angus can outsmart anyone. 
He also walks with me and my dog everyday and apears to be keeping an Eye out for us. He is our fierce Scottish Angus cat after all.
I measured his long whiskers and they are from tip to tip 9 1/2 Inches!! And he is longer than my dog now.
As you can see by his picture he makes himself at home any place he chooses. I love him terribly.

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