Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today in the desert it is overcast and gray, pay rent, catch up on email and clear out the folders on the computer day. Baby, my constant companion, is sleeping and sleeping. Well she is getting very old. How will you feel when you are, say, 84 years old?
Still listening to 'Son of the Wilderness: The Life of John Muir' by Linnie Marsh Wolfe. She won a Pulitzer for the book. I had no idea how smart the guy was. I visited his home in Martinez, CA, My hometown, when a child and have been facinated with him since. Plus I love Yosemite too!!
An update on my hats, they have generated some interest, everyone wants to see them. So far I have finished one Facination (pictured) and 5 hats and two that are in production. Love looking at vintage hats online. Been doing too much of that lately. Watched a tutorial about felting at all yesterday. A very good sight. Then I crused around and found other felt artists. I had no idea it was so popular and world wide too!
Every time I get on the computer I learn something new. Well I have to go call the dentist and the chiropractor. See ya tomorrow, hopefully. 

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