Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Blog

Today in the desert, it is overcast and broadcasts the promise of rain. Most unusual at this time of the winter. Rain usually gets here during the summer monsoons.  The grayness of the day mimics my mood. I am sure that I need more light. And getting more than enough from the good Lord. 
Today I feel better than yesterday, we will call it 'Dark Tuesday'! So this is my contemplation day, not a day of action for this woman. I am not able to walk Baby today, it makes her cranky when I don't. Yes, I have low energy days too! Almost feel like I should be Hibernating. So instead of Dark Tuesday, I will go with "My Hibernation Cycle".
I had the idea to start a radio station online and interview people. My daughter, who will speak to anyone regarding any one topic would be my roving reporter. I will tell you stories about my friends and aquaintances. (please give me latitude for spelling errors & flights of fancy).
What story to tell today?
I have an aquaintance who collects boxes. They don't particularly have to be pretty. But somehow she has developed a taste and attachment to these boxes by size and colors. When I found out at work they were collecting things to go into small boxes and mail out to Africa I immediately thought of said person. Well, you would have thought I had asked for her first born child!! She said, "My boxes, you want my boxes?" We were never very good friends after that. She felt she needed them more than "those Coloreds". You could have struck me with lighting I was so still with shock. And speachless! To think someone in 2005 still spoke in that bigoted fashion. I wanted to pack up my things and travel north. Lord forgive and help us all. So she still has all of her boxes and is alone and very miserable. I thank God that I hang onto nothing.
I have many more friends or aquaintances who are on the edge of reality. I will cronicalize them as we go along. Please feel free to tell me about your slightly akilter family and friends. I would love to hear about them.

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  1. Well, hello mom!
    We are fellow bloggers now, welcome to the 21st century! What will they come up with next? lol
    Speaking of your friend...I'm sitting here thinking "hmmmm who could that be?"
    I look forward to reading your future blogs.
    Love, your daughter :0)