Thursday, January 28, 2010

Married 3 times and happy with that!

Can you guess who that last 'friend' is. I will never tell any of your identites. Rest assured that your secrets are safe with me. 
Check out my hats I am making. I finished two today, even through I am still Hibernating.
Next story: I use to be a chef in a small restaurant. There was a man, we will say Thomas, who came in every day. He loved my cooking so much that he would beg me to marry him everyday! Now some women would love this and take up this tasty offer. But I was not in the market for a husband and for sure not to fill up his fat stomach nor become his slave. Well Thomas is a vegetarian. We started serving 'chicken' burgers made of tofu. He would swing in and ask me for a 'chicken' burger. After a while I knew just what to fix him. But he continued to anoy me by asking me to marry him and how lucky I would be. He really believed by my saying "NO", I meant 'yes'!!! Hollywood my @**!
So one bright day Thomas came in and asked for his customary 'chicken' sandwich. I could only see red and felt an evil angel on my left shoulder. I heard "He wants chicken, give him chicken". So I gave him a chicken sandwich! He sat there and ate it and smacked his lips and raved about it. Someone came by and said, "Thomas, why are you eating chicken? Aren't you a vegetarian?" Of course, for 20 years now. It was pointed out that indead he was eating chicken!!!!
He coughed and sputtered and yelled that I, the fabulous marryable female that I was, had poisoned him. We were right in the middle of the lunch rush and there were new customers sitting next to him. I made hand signals that this man was crazy! I almost got fired. I had a grand day, I did. I never claimed to be a saint.
Stay tuned for more......

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