Friday, January 29, 2010

Hats, Hats, Hats!!

I have been working on making hats all day long. I cut out patterns and taped them together to see what they would look like. I have finished 4. I am a beginning millinar and loving it. I have knitted and crocheted many hats over the years and am now beginning to really get into the fabrication of ladies hats. I am sewing them by hand as you can get a better fit that way. Presently working on the pillbox hat. It is interesting to see what each material will do. I need more supplies in my hands, pins, large buttons, flowers, different colored feathers and linings. Another trip to Savers or Goodwill to get them. Also want chiffons to make tails or veils.
Would love to take this further and get women to start wearing hats everyday. I have always worn hats and am now interested in fancy hats. Going to also make what is called 'Facinations', which are small barettes and clips with feathers and findings to put into the hair.
I am presently putting together a quilt, experimenting with different designs. My son sent me samples of materials from Italy, France, Switzerland to make mens suits and shirts. And these are being made into quilts. I have finished 2 for my grandsons and they are very happy with them. As soon as I figure out how to insert pictures, I will place them in here so that you can see what I am doing.

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