Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's raining again, Y'all

Again, I can not download pictures. I was going to place a picture in my Blog of my cactus flower in my backyard.
I found some new blogs that knocked my socks off, go check them out. 

What a beautiful rainy day.
I can sleep forever on a day when it rains.
The birds are the only sound I can hear.

Have you ever heard the tape of
crickets slowed down?
They sound just like angels singing.
 I will try to find it and play it here.

God bless Haiti.
God bless Chili.
God bless Africa.
And God bless us everyone. 
 Yes, we could all use your Blessings, Father.

And Peace Please.
And it will start right here.
And right now.

 Have you ever looked at an onion seed?
Then look at the inside of an onion?
It is one of the amazing things to me,
 To be apart of a miracle.
Either planting or cooking.

There are miracles all round you,
Everywhere you look,
or listen, or feel.   

God has put angels among us.
And I truley believe he walks with us.
There are many instances in the Bible,
Where we are told so.

I do not believe some who say,
No there are no more miracles, etc.,
As if God has gone to sleep.
Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Have a Blessed day and week. 

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