Thursday, February 25, 2010

If I were Queen of the World for one day...

If I were Queen of the World for one day, I would declare a cease fire and peace everywhere. 
I would outlaw lawn art, except for the backyard.
I would select trees that I love and declare the ground they are on as a Global Park, to be reviered and cared for. 
Each person would help feed one other person on the planet who is hungry.
All water, air and toilet facilities would be free from any charge.
Every child would be given a name.
It would be a Global Holiday for everyone so they could enjoy their families and the peace and quiet.
This one day would be a day that automobiles, airplanes, trucks and other forms of transportation that are major polluters would be banned.
Everyone would go and introduce themself to one neighbor that they have not met.
Everyone would reconsile with one person they have wronged.
Catholic Nuns would rule the prisons and Monks would be the teachers.
Medical & Dental care would be free.
Flower and vegetable seeds would be given out to every person and gardening classes would be free.
Wells would be drilled everywhere, so people would never die of thirst.
The first hour of the day would be a time of meditation and contemplation.
The last hour of the day would be a time of prayer.
Chocolate of any kind would be free.
Children would be free to walk away from abuse and find their own families.
A day to dance in the streets.
A day for street parties, picnics, tailgating, singing and Love. 

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  1. I would like to live in the world you are Queen of! count me as your first royal recruit :)