Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is it a Gernsey?

I have this friend who has a little hobby farm. At one point it was discussed within the family that they would love to have a Gernsey milk cow for organic milk.  Money was saved. But then plans changed and they used the money for something else. The husband came home the other day and said, Guess what? I have a surprise for you. I bought a cow! The wife of this duo said, what? Well, it really isn't a cow but a stear. You know for meat! My friend is mostly vegetarian and never eats red meat. No, she says, you bought this COW for you.

What do you do with a man like this? I for one would send him packing and riding his stear. My friend said, I guess you had better build a pen.

And this is why I am single and very happy.

Someday should I meet that rare man who does not sabotague, belittle, nor control will be a rare experience indeed.  And if he could put up with me, than a rare man he is.

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