Saturday, March 20, 2010

No. 1 Detective

I got to go to the ABIL Spirit Awards today, Saturday. Took my daughter with me. ABIL stands for Arizona Bridge to Independent Living. They have helped me so much with a mentor, taking classes, support groups, parties, socials, etc. They got me out of my home, on a van and out into the world.

I received a certificate for passing my one year at being a mentor. We had a very lovely time. The food was delich, coffee hot (the waiters too) and I ate my apple pie first.

When I returned back here, I found that my cat, Angus, had dipped his paws into my glass of water and chased my vitamins and pills around on the dish, on the breakfast bar. All of the ones in jell-caps stuck to the plate. Except one that ended up stuck to the floor, in cat and dog hair. They do not give you extra pills, no. I had to scrape it off of the floor, pick the hairs off of it and swallow it down. I did make a prayer that it would be healthier that way and not get stuck in my throat. 

Have you ever printed out one of those Google or Mapquest maps? I guess I would like to say these are a very important part of society, but not. They took us all the way through the airport to get where we were going and sent us west not east. We were 15 minutes late only to find out we were actually 45 minutes early. Yes, Belinda (dtr) was early!!!!!! I wish I would have bet $100 on this fact never happening, but hind-sight-and all.

Truth be told, she arrived on the planet 2 weeks late and has been late ever since. I told her she would be late to her own funeral. She got this gleem in her eye, Yeah. She will.

My newest book presently reading is: Miracle at Speedy Motors: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. It is very funny so far. I love books. The more the merrier. Do you know you can learn to do anything from books? Where do you think my daughter learned to raise chickens or goats? Or what to do with hermit crabs or why the hamister died? All through books. So now I am in Botswanna reading about the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. You say, why don't you just go there? Do you really believe my family would ever let me go to such a wonderful place? No. Too far away; too dangerous; Mother, you can not travel by yourself; Why not go see your sister instead; Flying for so long will not be good for you; But we would miss you; But your passport has expired; but who will take care of the animals while we are in South America on our hunting expedition? Blablabla.

I now travel through books. 

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