Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crazy in my Chair

Okay it is time to finally sit here and tell all. 

On Saturday I went with my daughter to an organic garden (all proceeds go to charity) and while walking to said garden sprained my ankel. Yes the same one I always sprain. My left (drag it much)! So I am again back in the wheel chair full time. Today, Wednesday, I am totally exhausted and my arms do not want to wheel this chair anymore. So I will write and not move anymore.

Sometimes I think God has to do these things to me to keep me still. I hate to sit still. I love all the things you do while sitting still: reading, writing, surfing-web,meditating, day dreaming, crocheting, hat making, eating and painting. But I usually hop from one to the other. And now I really am hopping around.

Took Baby (my dog) to the Holistic vet yesterday because she is losing her hair. They believe the cause is alergies. So I have to bathe her twice a week for 3 weeks and then 2 times a month to give her relief. NO MORE EGGS or SOY!!!! I must remember, they hurt her not help her.

I entered all of my hats or most of them into the Maricopa County Fair under Mentally Disabled. I dislike that term very much. I am an artist who is disabled. I walk funny, think and talk slowly. But almost everyone in my mobile home park 55+ do also. I took Baby on a run yesterday while I drove my scooter. That was also exhausting. But fun to get out for a while.
Hold on I will be right back.

Put another load of laundry in the wash. I have to keep the wash going for the electric cycle I am on.

I wish I had a maid, right now. Quit complaining, there are many more way, way worse off than I am. Be glad you even have arms. It is amazing what we take for granted. Arms, eyes, legs, walking, being able to feed yourself, hearing, cooking.
Bye for now.  

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