Friday, March 19, 2010


It is dreamtime here in the land downunder (AZ) and I dreamed my sister was very depressed and I called her and she was. I told her about a dream and in it she had a job working for a TV show and she said she knew of a job opening just like that. I believe that God talks to us in dreams and if we listen to them, then we can live a love filled life and assist others in doing so too.

God has always talked to me through dreamtime. I need a lot of sleep. I guess I need dreamtime very much. I know it has kept me going when I have felt life was out of control. It always reminds me of who is incharge of me.

When I worked in the corporate world I use to dream that I was in a rat maze. Horrible dreams. But God was reaching out to tell me I needed to do something else, somewhere else. So I came to AZ to live in the desert.

When I got here I couldn't stand working in an office. I had more rat-maze-dreams. I cried during waketime. I prayed and cried and begged not to be put into another office.

When I fell and had my head injury, God was telling me to slow down and let him work a little dreamtime into my waketime. I needed to have listeningtime. I have lots of that now. And being disabled I do not have to work in a rat maze.

So now I have time to dream for others and help them through a few struggles. I have time to become a part of a Prayer Shawl Ministry-such a blessing; I can enjoy my Farmchicks projects; I can enter my hats into the county fair; to enjoy painting again; I have time to write and to read and to listen.

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  1. Wonder if AZ is Arizona? I'm not very familiar with the abbreviations.
    Thank you for visiting me in France.