Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Mother Betty Jean

Farmchicks met and we started our new quilt. We will have to give the author credit for the pattern, but it is a small price to pay in doing work for charities. 

It always makes me feel better when I can do something for another person. Paying it forward is what they call it today. But I was taught to do it all my life from my mother. I have not spoken about her here, but she was an incredible woman. She never learned to drive, so I guess you could say, her wings were clipped. But she never let that stop her, she would help or feed anyone. She could make a meal go further than you can imagine. 

I guess that is where I got my cooking abilities. I can make a meal out of anything you have got. It came from being poor and having to make due with what you have on hand. She was a Christian and would say, "You never know when you may be entertaining Angels." She lived it. And I learned very much from her and would post a picture here, but it will not let me again. 

I love my mother very much she was a rock in our failing family. When she got Alzheimers it was heart breaking. She became fearful and very nervous. We all kind of fell apart after that. She was the glue that kept us all together.

Now that we are getting older, we the siblings are coming back together. It has been a tough road, but I am so glad they are with me now. We all have our failings and faults, but when you have a loving and forgiving family, the little things don't matter and more.

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