Saturday, April 3, 2010

Radio Talk Show

I have spent my entire day trying to figure out how to make a radio show on BlogTalkRadio. It is pretty cool. They already have over 3,000 talk shows going.

My daughter and I are going to have a comedy talk show. People will call in and tell us their unusual stories about their lives and we in turn will tell about ours. It is called Blondie and Red!

Like the unusual things that happen at the Farm my daughter has. And my cat, Angus, he is just a terror. I should have figured it by his name. Scottish Cat my A##! I was married to a Scottsman, McQuiddy. He was the best tempered many I ever met. But a name like Angus, well that just brings to mind all the rascle he can muster. And he does.

My dog, Baby, had a skin condition where she was losing her hair on her head and tummy. The Holistic Vet said it was alergies. Anyway the new shampoo and Fish oil is helping and she is much happier. And looking shiny and georgeous. You can go see a movie of her on my facebook page:

I have pictures of the cat and my dog there as well as my family. There is a movie of my dog, Baby, doing her tricks. We will start adding more once she is feeling better.

Signing off for today. I am very tired from being on here all day. It is like studying for college exams. 

Remember, Be Good. There is already too much nasty going around as it is. 

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