Thursday, August 12, 2010


The photo you see below is my beautiful daughter. 
When she turned 35 she asked me some questions.
Did you want me when you knew you were Pregnant?
Oh yes, from day one!
Did you love my Dad?
More than you or he will ever know.

What are your questions? Here I have some for you. Do you talk about your faith at work? I do not mean, do you preach at people?
I saw this on another blog and was intrigued by it. There were many different responses.
Why is that so tabu? 'Because you never talk about politics or religion in polite company'?
Work is not the place to discuss beliefs? 
Because religion has been outlawed in the USA? 
Because it is not politically correct?
You don't want to offend somebody?
What are your excuses?

If you are a Christian, a Godly person, and you hide who you are, aren't you offending Him? 

Do you live your life as you believe?

Would Christ have a hard time finding you in a crowd?

I have fallen off the Christian wagon so many times, I have now lost
count. I am not proud of it. But I am forgiven. 

Opening up a conversation about God is relatively easy. "What did you do this weekend?" "Do you have any hobbies?" "What books do you read?" 

I guess you can see I am on the side of erring for the good of mankind and speaking up. I have always been a rabble rouser. I have spoken of miracles that God has preformed in my life and it has opened up many conversations. Then I found out other people around me were also Christians. But none of us had the courage to talk about the subject. 

The subject of eternal life, of a love that conquers all, a peace that passes all understanding (human), how God gave his only son, miracles......

What do you think? What do you believe? 

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