Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today I am well. Thank you Lord.

Today I am well and very thankful to God for this. I had the flu a few days back, you know the kind, (projectile, then two and a half hours later). So thankful to be feeling better. Someone with a chronic disability to feel well, good, wonderful is so rare that you feel like you just won the lottery.
Then my daughter will ask me some one's name and I can not find it. Then I begin to feel like a alien (UFO kind) again.
Where is the fun in this? I have to laugh! There is no perfect day. There is no perfect place, person, job, situation or whatever. You have to see the imperfection in every instance and know that is the perfection. The only perfect is God.
So why not enjoy the absurdity of life?
There is a beauty there.
You look at the car next to you at the traffic light and that good looking man is picking his nose!
You laugh!
The puppy chewed off the clasp on his harness.
The dinner burnt.
No matter how much gel I put on my hair it sticks straight up and this is the day the church decides to take my picture.
I made a pair of Capri's and I look down and I missed about 4 inches of seam so there is a big hole in the right leg.
My daughter drives me to the Dr. and neither one of us can remember where it is and we have only been there about 20 times.
I thought I locked the dogs in the kennel when I left and was met by the door with a very excited dog who wet on the carpet.
I made a new skirt and found toothpaste down one side of it as I walk out the door.
I laugh!
This all happened to me this week. There were many more than this but I can only laugh.
Hey, it is just life.

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