Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Another holiday and another bad hair day. Not sure what these two things have in common. Wish I knew how to celebrate today. If I could I would charge the cards to the max, write letters to the political machine in DC, call all my sisters, call all my girlfriends, bake an apple pie, spin wool, buy from all the women's co-ops around the world, take a girlfriend to lunch, have a chicks night in, march in the streets, go to New Orleans and march in the streets, lay on the beach in the Bahamas, go sailing, spend the day in the spa, jump on a plane to Ireland and hang out in a pub or read all day in bed. Or not.

Instead, I am on here writing my little heart out. I was in one of the first waves of women's rights movements (first would be women's rights to own property in the US). The first thing we did was burn our bra's. I didn't wear one for many years after that. Not needing one had nothing to do with it. I attended many battle lines over the dinner table with my family. How one liberal could be raised by a bunch of Republican's is beyond me. But my ego was bruised daily. Independence was not only my political view but my personal one.

As for the hair, I had a bad night, Okay? My two pups and I are sitting here on the couch snuggled up. Not motivated to do anything and thinking up excuses, besides being tired, to avoid taking the trash out and doing the dishes. I did throw my back out on Monday. That is my best excuse and I am sticking to it. Not sure if the hair will get done today or not. 

So back to the main subject. I will probably sit here on the computer and grace all of you with my opinions. Go see my Facebook page (link is: http://www.facebook.com/barbara.mcquiddy.cox) and meet all my relatives and friends. 
Love to all, B 

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