Saturday, March 12, 2011


Wow! I just finished watching the movie "God Grew Tired of Us". I hope you have seen it. If not please do. It moved me so much. I have been homeless, but have not walked 1,000 miles and survived. I have been hungry but not died of starvation or watched my friends do so. We take for granted everything we have in the USA. We complain when the price of gas goes up. I feel ashamed because I am so rich and there are people who are dying for lack of water and food.

Imagine living and then dying in a few short years and had never been given a name.... 
Our identity is tied up with our surroundings and our family and friends. What if they were all gone? How would you cope?

I think these Boys of Sudan are the best Men I have ever seen.
They have the privilege to know what is truly important in life.
I am sort of speechless and I am in awe of them.

Keep them in your prayers, thoughts and hearts. 

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