Saturday, March 26, 2011


Boy do I feel like C*&p today. I had another seizure last night. I had a busy week last week, and I think this is why. In one day I had a Dr's appointment, did some major food shopping, had a cut and die job, cooked a fabulous meal and started crocheting a purse for a dear friend of mine.  Too much.......

So now I feel like I was drug though a knot hole backwards. Not much will be accomplished today. I always try to go at the speed of light. Then God slows me down so I can focus on what is truly important. Let him lead and I can not possibly go down the wrong path. But what am I suppose to be doing by sitting here, is beyond me?

I had a mango for breakfast because anything more complicated would be more....complicated. I need to get into the shower, but know it will be a major chore and very tiring. I am so spacey that I know the book I just read, will have to be reread at another time. Welcome to my world. I know one of my lessons is to find the balance.

God loves us all and wants us to know he is right there in your heart, not in a book, church or place. Those things (as they are just things) are places for us to worship together, as a group. But every day he (or she) wants us to spend time in prayer and meditation with him personally.

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