Monday, March 21, 2011


It is raining today in the desert. I know some people don't believe it ever rains here, but it does. Okay it is 70 degrees in the house. And it was 70 degrees outside yesterday. Now, I just put the thermometer out side to see how cold it is today at 5:46 pm AZ time. It is 54 degrees. I got cold last night so I know it was below that. It gets cold when you sleep alone.

I had an electric blanket, but I wore it out. I know the electrical currents are not good for you and they shouldn't be on your body. But this way I don't have anyone telling me what to do, how to do it and when to do it. So now I am making quilts.

I have two quilts going presently. The first one is a King sized Levi Rag Quilt. Blue plaid flannel on the back. I want to put a wool blanket on the inside, but I haven't been able to find one here in the desert. The second one is an antique top I found in the trash. Some of the little triangles are pulling out so I am replacing them. It will have a red flannel back and cotton filling.

I am making these quilts to sell for my daughter and I  to take a trip to the beautiful Ilse of Ireland. I have wanted to go there all of my life. So here is our chance. As soon as I have finished these two quilts, I will start the next Levi quilt.

Well, it is still raining. And I am not going anywhere. I spent most of the day surfing for books on Paper Back Swap and set up my account and page on YouTube. Yes I am going to be on here all of the time. Hopefully not, one of these days I will be getting a social life. It is difficult not having transportation. But I am so entertaining all by myself. 

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