Sunday, March 20, 2011


I joined our yard sale enthusiasts yesterday. I realize there aren't very many people reading my blog, but I find it cathartic for my soul. I am a people watcher (or observer) and found myself doing so yesterday. I found most people were there just to have something to do. So I hit everyone of my customers up to donate $$$ for my daughter and I to take a trip to Ireland. It was clearly posted on my dry erase board leaning up against my home. But I always had to point it out. Now did I have so much junk that they could not see it? Or was my countenance so bright that I out shown the message?

People came in packs from one sale to another. The husband or the male of the pack scouted ahead to get the lay of the land (ie, to see if there were tools). They were the friendliest. And would have engaged me for at least 30 minutes talking, but when the women came, they shut up immediately. Clearly a survival technique. Quite the intelligent of the species.

 I made a new friend. She is a small child of 10 years and clearly had nothing to do. But by the end of the day she paid me a wonderful complement. She said I was not like other adults she had met in her short life. She said I was easy to talk to and fun. Me, fun!! Thank you so much. She made the day. She asked if on the weekends she could come to visit me? I said yes, if her grandmother said it was alright with her.

I showered her with gifts at the end of the day. She grazed through the toys and settled on two diaries, a box of cooking implements for her toy stove and a pocket cross I made. When Grandma  came along and honked for her I walked her out. I introduced myself and found out we were neighbors and told her her grand daughter was always welcome. 

Most people wanted to know if I had children hidden in my home. There were many toys, my daughter's contribution to the sale. I sold no shoes, many baskets and toys. I took my computer out and shopped on Paperback Book Swap for my favorite titles then visited with friends. Generally had a great time until the end. Yes, the dreaded clean up. But I charged ahead and made myself not stop until finished.

Several months ago it would have been impossible to have completed this entire endeavor. My back would not have survived it. But with the help of my 'fantastic' Chiropractor Dr. Dave I was able to truck on and do it all. Today I am only sore but tired. I am so greatful Dr. Dave. But the leftovers are still on the porch all though bunched up now. 

I am going to call our local community church and donate them for their Rummage Sale. So remember when you purchase my overflow items that they came from a very loving home. 


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  1. I love sales like that, and always managed to find something to take home.
    How sweet that the little girl enjoyed your company so much!