Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter, Happy Birthday and Happy Earth Day

Hi! The Happy Birthday is for my Brother, David, who is 55 this year.

I went to our church's Good Friday Celebration last night. It was so moving. They did a monologue type of play. Each character came out and marvelously acted out their part. So many talented people I worship with. Who knew? The message was strongly brought home. We all left in silence in the dark and walked to the back of the property and there was a figure hanging on a cross. A real person. Then we all left in silence, children asking a multitude of questions. Well done. Although a little gruesome for the little ones at the end.

Happy Earth Day Mother Earth. We love you so. Peace, Love, Hope, Faith, Kindness are the things of God and how we feel about here. We are the stewards of this great big blue marble holding place in space, let us not let her down or God. I hear many say, "All this peace and love stuff has nothing to do with God. You are just painting a pretty picture, not reality." God created us in that environment. We rejected it. Do we need to turn our back on the perfection of God? Not for me.

I am making the deviled eggs for our family get together tomorrow. Our theme is Mexican food. We all bring one dish to share. I am making Salsa Deviled Eggs. They are cooking now. How to make the perfect boiled egg (without making them way over done -  Gasssss) Boil the eggs for one minute, then turn off the burner, cover and let sit for only 10 minutes. They are delicious. Then I am going to crack the eggs and color them so they have a cracked looking outside. What colors will took tasty? Not green. Maybe yellow or orange? Not sure yet, I thought about red, but those red dyes are questionable. I think I will save the red to dye wool fiber for spinning.

Happy Holidays all, and God Bless

PS Do you like my new profile picture? I thought I would show you what Christmas Morning looks like at our house.

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