Friday, September 28, 2012

by Janet Paradee  9/28/12  

What kind of adornment around my neck do I bear?
Is it a millstone, an anvil, or a mustard seed that I choose to wear? Will the weight of my unforgiveness and prideful sin
entice the deepest ocean to engulf me and pull me in?

OR Can I truly have faith as big as the tiny mustard seed
and trust that God will surely meet my every need?
Am I in a hurry to always do things my way?
Do I stop, look, and listen before, during and after I pray?

Am I willing to be compassionate and kind?
Do I fend for me only, leaving everyone else behind?
OR do I have a clear conscience before God and man
knowing that for others, daily, I have helped wherever I can?

The choice, for me, is certainly very clear...
I choose to wear the mustard seed necklace without doubt or fear. It will be my constant reminder and a "refreshing fountain"
for with it I know and trust that God will move any mountain.

AND Since His forgiveness from that refreshing fountain freely does flow; 
I, too, must forgive others and His love always show.
SO What kind of adornment around your neck will you wear?
Will it be the tiny mustard seed or a large millstone that you bear?

Thank you ever so much. Your presence blesses us daily. 

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