Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free the waters, the air, the light and the public toilets!!

Guess what we are having a rainey day again. Can you believe it? I am here and can't believe it! My mood always does a nose dive on these days. I wonder if there is a website that you can get the sunshine on, you know one of those SDS light banks. As soon as I am done here I am going to search for one that will light up my day right here on my computer.
Light should be free, like air, water and a privet toilet. I was horrified when they started charging you to go to the bathroom and slid under the door to go. People it should be free! Then when I went to put air into my tires, I had to put the dreaded quarter into it. Air should be free! Then they started putting water into bottles and charging us for it! People water should be free. It isn't as though we can survive without any for the aforementioned items. Think about it.
Should we squat in the street to go like they do in other countries? Should we drive on flat tires (wouldn't go far)? Should we drink tained or poluted water? Should we live without light and have the chronic blues?
Where have we gone wrong as a species? 
Where is God in any of this? 
Where is the Humanity?
How can we change this? 

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