Monday, February 22, 2010

Ramblings in desert

Some days I am not sure what to write on my Blog, that's when all H#$$ breaks out around here.

Since I have been letting my freek fly and allowing my grey-white hair grow, in I have not tried to dye my hair at home. So the day before my hairdresser was to appear in my kitchen and snip-snip, Yes I did. I tried my hand at it. Well. My hairdresser cancelled on my twice and I cried. The back came out good but the front (where all the grey and white are) is way too bright! Finally I told Pam what I had done. She is coming tonight, Monday (pray all that she does) and she is going to 'rescue' me. I was sick yesterday and didn't go to church, but I would have had my choice of hats.
I took a picture but the site won't let me upload it today.

The latest pattern of hat I have tried to make is the soft top hat (from my own hat purchase). I put ribbon  ruffeled on the underside of the brim and made the top much shorter (it always seemed to slide way down). It is a terrible color for me Rose (red hair), but it is real cute. I cut out another one in lavender. But I need supplies: Interfacing, ribbons, hat bands. Not sure who I am making these hats for. I just love hats!!! And have worn them all my life. I am on a pilgrimage to get women wearing hats in public again, ie in vogue!

Okay, another problem I have been working on is my dog Baby has been going bald. Like an old lady bald. On the top of her head and around here ears. There is dry skin and lose of hair, but no red patches or bumps. I have started giving her raw eggs & oil on her dog food once a day. As soon as it dries up (pouring for 3 days and nights now) I will give her a soothing oatmeal bath.

We had a toranado hit our park a couple of weeks ago. Some got it pretty bad, but no one lost their homes. Blessed be to God.

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