Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting our new Radio show Blondie and Red

Guess what?  My daughter and I will start a new comedy radio show on May 10,  Monday, 11AM Arizona time. We will be on every Monday at this same time on
Go have a listen and join in on the comedy talk. We will talk to anyone. So call us at 917-932-1528 or join us online.

Other than that, I have been pretty busy with the county fair where I won 5 Blue Ribbons, 3 second place and 5 third place ribbons for my hats, purses, gloves and scarf. I am glad someone else can appreciate what I love to do.

I am in the process of making a quilt and an afghan. Also going to make a new blog for Blondie and Red. Busy, busy, busy. But I love it. And getting ready for my Daughter-in-law and Son coming to stay for the wedding of my Grandson. So excited.

The dress that I found is georgeous and in hock (layaway) with the shoes. Of course I could wear a burlap sack and no one will notice as their eyes will be on the Bride and Groom. And on my new GreatGrand Daughter. Who will call me GG!

Life is very good for me. I found my cat, Amos (changed from Angus, he was getting into too much trouble). Someone had stuffed him into an AC housing at an empty home. I kept hearing a mouing when we would walk by it, and sure enough, I moved the bricks away, and there he was. He had been gone for a week and a-half. Not sure how he survived, but he did. Boy did he eat and drink when we got home. But there is no keeping him in the house. He always gets out. Well, he is officially on this Third life now, only 6 more to go.

God Bless you and will see you soon.

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  1. Oh poor little cat! What a good thing that you heard him.