Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hello, Great Saturday to you. When I worked 9 to 5, Saturday am was the best. You had the whole weekend to look forward to.

Now I am sick and disabled. Not for long, I am going to turn it around by first, juicing organic vegies and fruits. Then I will eat fresh organic produce.

Here was my first experience with my daughter's juicing machine.
I quickly looked at it after going to the market, I only bought organic produce. $72 worth. So I began washing up the vegies, chopping and deciding what to make for lunch. I was tired as it was 1:00pm already. I had also decided to walk with a cart instead of taking the electric chair (LOL).

I juiced, beets, honey dew melon, kale and apple. Turning on the machine was next (having juiced off and on my whole life, whew a cinch) then put the vegies into the machine's top portion. I went with the beets first. Nothing came out except pulp. I turned it off. Then I notice there is red juice all over the counter going into the sink, under everything on the counter and onto the floor. Anyone who has seen my kitchen knows this would be an improvement.

Quickly grabbing towels I mopped up the counters, etc. I thought I had better look over the machine a little first and knew I needed nourishment fast. Duh, I had the machine backwards. When I finally got it made it was wonderful. Then I looked down and my right pants leg and my left foot was pink...

Later that day with dinner looming I needed to juice some more and decided on:
carrot, spinach, parsley, tomatoes, broccoli, apricot and mango.
Everything went ok, but the spinach went through whole, the apricot and mango just made mush. It was good as well. But I woke up in the middle of the night and my palms and bottoms of my feet were itching, no hives or rashes just itching. When I awoke this am, again with the itching. I jumped into the shower and I am still itching with purple died finger tips. You gotta laugh about it!

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