Friday, September 9, 2011


Long time no see. LOL  I know I have been remiss about the blog. But I am making up for it today by writing about all that is going on. First, the title, The Miracle Tree, Moringa truly is just that. No this is not an advertisement. Most of the people propagating it do much non-profit work. I just read a testimonial about someone who took over 400 seeds to Africa to help the people start growing. Go to YouTube and see some videos on this. You will see the changes taking place, especially for the babies and children.

Let me go back, my discovery of Moringa came from one of the blogs. This tree is so potent with vitamins, amino acids, nutrients on such a huge scale that nothing even comes close to it. You can use the entire plant, roots, seeds, tree limbs, leaves and the small branches. One example, you can press the seeds to recover the oil, them use them to purify your water. Very important in most places on the planet. Go check it out for yourself. I am purchasing the leaves that are shed dried then pounded into a powder. I make tea from it.

My recipe for the tea: 1/4 tsp, 1 tsp honey, mix these two together well. Pour hot water over this and stir. I then put almond milk in it and ice cubes during the winter. It is wonderful. I also put it into soups, sauces, salad dressings, etc.

I gave some to my daughter when she was very tired and dragging herself around. Within a few days she was smiling, happy and energetic (there is no caffeine in Moringa). We shopped all day and she still wasn't tired. Her appetite was good, where as before she would pick.

I have been getting things ready for the state fair in October. I have two quilts, 5 purses (again), and whatever I can whip up. Can't wait. The dogs are in fine fashion. I am well. My children bought me a golf car for my 60's birthday. And I now weigh 121 lbs and looking awesome.
God Bless you all.

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