Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the swing of things, missed ya!

I can not believe that it has almost been a year since I was on here. Here is an update:

I had a stroke in January and many seizures since last I wrote. I also fell and broke my right arm.

The good news is I am teaching myself the fine art of jewelry making. I have been making beads, wrapping beads with wire, Crocheting with wire and made a hoard of earrings. 

I took some of my crochet hats, purses and many other things down to the old Swap Meet and sold nothing. When I had my stroke I had to quit sitting around and selling nothing.

Now I am going to sell my many wares on line at Etsy. I need to get a camera first, because that is key to bring people into your shop. Fun, fun, fun!

My little dog Baby had to be put to sleep, she was probably about 112 years old we figured. She was so ready to go on over. I love her dearly. Riley, my little dog misses her very much.

This last week we are just trying to keep cool. My cast was removed last Wednesday. So I am getting it back up to par so I can start painting and jewelry making again. 

I also turned my living room into my craft and art shop. I was tired of looking for things all the time. As you can see, no wool gathers at my feet.

Father bless you all,

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