Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The following is a poem by Janet Parradee a friend of mine. She has an amazing gift.
I pray you will enjoy it as much as I do.

A Broken Heart August 12, 2012

A broken heart tatters and shatters when it breaks.
Sometimes it seems more than just one person can take.
A childhood friend moves away; That last “Goodbye!” is so hard to say.
A teenager’s crush that very first date,
It’s not meant to be, but reality we don’t equate.
At twenty or thirty-something it’s marriage, home, work…
Too many failures hit and we don’t know where to look.
At midlife we should be all set, But closer to retirement is all we get!
Who can sustain us when brokenhearted is all we feel?
There’s One who knows, He’s the One that will heal.
No matter the brokenness, He knows our heart.
He’s always been willing to allow us a fresh start.
Turn crying and weeping into dancing and singing,
Because of forgiveness and love the Savior is bringing…
For every situation, the pain or the loss,
He took upon Himself as He hung on the cross.
Beauty for ashes He promises, dear child.
Take off the sackcloth, stay no longer beguiled.
The shattered pieces of your broken heart
Can be mended, made whole, put back into one part!     By Janet Parradee

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