Tuesday, August 28, 2012


As my Nanny would say,"Hotter than a pistol"! Which means it is pretty darned hot! 102 degrees as I write. The best thing you can do is lay down, put some ice on ya and forget it all. Cool drinks help too!

My arm is on the mend. I did some crafts yesterday. And yea my hand was all cramped up. I started on another book-book shelf, worked on some of my homemade beads, and deco-paged hymnal pages onto a end table. They all look great!

Nix the crochet for now. It takes too much wrist action. I am going to try my hand at para cord macrame bracelets. They are pretty popular. And Macrame is back in style. Who knew?

My puppy, Riri, is crashed out. It is too hot for him too. And this computer is pretty hot right now. I have been surfing and you know how it is, you loose track of time.

News Alert, I turn 61 on August 29th.

Happy Birthday to me.

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