Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The Separating Wall
Is there a separating wall that divides the intimacy between
The Creator of All and little ol' me?
Has sin crept in in the form of selfishness or pride?
To whom have I given the contorl of my life to guide?

How did this separating wall begin to take shape,
And from it now can I fully escape?
One brick at a time is all that it takes,
With mortar of willful sin the sun it will bake.

A brick of anger, one of lying or of greed
Is all it requires, that's all this wall needs.
Gossip, unkindness to others are bricks too
That can be piled on, it's easy enought to do!

This separating wall towers over me,
I fear; Can I climb it now, can it's height I clear?
I want to chip away at this separating wall no
Matter how deep, how wide, how tall.

So, incline Your ear, dear Lord, I pray;
Search my heart and know me today.
If there be any evil that separates You and me,
Show me today Lord, that's my desperate plea.

The bricks of unforgiveness and anger I see collapse
As I cling to You and Your promises I clasp.
Now, instead of a separating wall betweenYou and me
A frame, a hedge of protection under construction I see.

Bricks of love, honesty, obedience now surround me;
Lord, will You add bricks of confession, repentance, and humility?
Expose my sin, bury it deep under this frame...
This, my prayer Lord, I pray in Your Name.

This is the group I belong to of believers, Sisters Who Pray. They are pretty special to me.
We spend most of our time praying. If you have a prayer request make a comment below.
God Bless

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